Men: Transurethral Injection of Bulking Agents


This is an office procedure that is done under local anesthetic and patient can drive back home. It takes about 20 minutes

1- Transurethral injection of bulking agents Dr. Aboseif has an extensive experience in the transurethral injection of collagen and other bulking agents and he published one of the original article on collagen in men with incontinence after radical prostatectomy.

Collagen, the most common bulking agent used is a biologic substance that comes in a paste form and can be easily injected into body tissue and accepted by those tissues. Several other bulking agents as Duraspheres , Coaptite, macroplastiques have been recently introduced into the market.


Enhance the shut-off valve of the urethra (the sphincter) to work more efficiently Procedure: Using a very special scope with a very delicate needle, itemscollagen is injected into the walls of the urethra at the level of the bladder neck. This causes cooptation of the urethral wall and the bladder opening and increases the resistance preventing urine from leaking out. If successful, you may need repeated injections over time to maintain incontinence as the collagen is gradually absorbed by the body.

Aboseif, S.; O’Connell, H.; McGuire, E.: Collagen injection in postprostatectomy incontinence. J. Urol. 155: 10, 1996.